Building Safety

For building maintenance related emergencies occurring after hours (Flood, Electrical Hazard, Gas Leak, Broken Lock, No Heat in Winter): Call On-Call Building Operator 416-509-3984. For Immediate Building Emergencies: Call 911. Youngplace is equipped with a range of monitoring equipment and staffed during operational hours. Staff, visitors, and other members of the community are asked to help maintain a secure and safe building environment by staying observant and aware of ArtHubs safety and security policies and procedures described below: Fire evacuation: Youngplace has a single stage fire alarm. In the event of a fire alarm activation all occupants of Youngplace should immediately exit the building through the closest emergency exit. In the event of a fire alarm the building elevator will return to the first floor and stay there until the alarm is turned off. Anyone who requires assistance to exit the building must shelter in place in the emergency exit stairwell and wait for assistance from first responders. Evacuees should head to the muster points, the basketball court to the south or the garden to the north and wait for ArtHubs Staff to advise when the situation has been resolved. Suspicious persons can be reported to staff immediately by calling 416-454-9503 or informing Artscape staff in the front office. For any violent or dangerous individuals, please contact 911 and seek a protected place to hide and wait for help. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated at Youngplace. Minors who feel as though they have been harassed, bullied, or mistreated should reach out to a trusted adult (staff). When harassment occurs, please address this with security as quickly as possible, so that any appropriate follow-up can occur. Staff members should speak with their immediate supervisor or Human Resources concerning harassment. At the time of harassment, victims or witnesses should take note of the exact details of the incident, identify other witnesses, and the location within the building at the time of the activity. Severe weather may occur at any time; please feel free to contact staff in advance should you have any questions or concerns regarding inclement weather forecasts. In the case of a weather-related emergency, everyone in the building will be advised by security with instructions. In the unlikely event of a power outage, please proceed to the ground floor and await instructions from staff.
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